Who Cares About Digital Marketing!?

I care about Digital Marketing! But it’s time to move on… Digital Marketing used to be sexy. Just as sexy as the annoying orange below. Well okay he might not be that sexy, but Digital Marketing is.

It’s time to move on from Digital Marketing and start using Experience Marketing. How? Keep reading!

There is a blurred line between our online and offline experiences. We wake up and it’s the first thing we check. Before we sleep, it’s the last thing we check. We close our eyes, try to sleep, but nope, someone sends you a message on Facebook and you have to have a peak. Not only that, our romantic relationships can now begin from social media. Ever heard of Tinder? I know two people who have a successful long-term relationship that began on Tinder. Do you know anyone? Other ways the internet has integrated our offline and online use:

  • Shopping
  • Work-life
  • Eating
  • Even exercising!

The point I’m making is that now more than ever, our mobile, the internet and social media are integrated within our offline lives as well. They affect us. An overlap is occurring between our ‘real life’ and our ‘offline life’.

So it’s bye-bye Digital Marketing and hello experience marketing. Experience Marketing Customers don’t see the distinction between offline and online as much now. It’s all interwoven. It’s no longer viable for a brand to separate customer’s online and offline experiences. Now, marketers need to blur the line between offline and online. They must encourage online and offline experiences together for their customers.

Sky Diving!

Sky Diving! (free image)

For example, Go Pro encourage users to take videos of themselves going on crazy adventures. They get them to share their videos on social media – therefore blurring the lines between online and offline. You video yourself sky diving then you upload it on social media.

Digital Marketers cannot have one model that aims to please everyone. Now, using experience marketing they must know each individual consumer’s needs, wants and preferences and market directly to them. Customers want the digital world to enhance their offline experiences and vice versa. Incogo does a great job at this! How is this done?

Sitecore shows how big data, channel proliferation and technology consolidation are the three main ways to get to know your customers individually. Once you know them individually, you can target specific campaigns directly to them to create experiences.

  • Big data: There is data online every where about your customers. You just need to collect it.

    Collecting Data

    Free Image

  • Channel Proliferation: There are new social media apps and technology made everyday, enabling two-way communication through so many different channels between brands and their customers.
  • Technology Consolidation: Through new technologies, collecting big data from all the new channels popping up is getting easier and easier.

How to Succeed in Experience Marketing: Know Your Customers Expectations After you’ve collected data about your customers you need to analyse it. You need to know your customers expectations so you can reach or exceed them. Once you’ve done this, you know your customers have had a positive experience.

To sum up, there is now a blurring between our offline and online worlds. Everything we do is an experience – whether on social media or at a store. Companies must leverage these experiences with a holistic approach. They need to complete the circle and allow offline and online interactions to occur simultaneously together.

Are you ready for experience marketing?


13 thoughts on “Who Cares About Digital Marketing!?

  1. I agree that we (consumers) don’t see the distinction between online and offline. I shop online a lot more these days and it just seems like a norm now, like it does when you physically go shopping, they are the same concept to me. However they do offer a different experience. When shopping online you get side ads that pop up when browsing the web, of a recent jumper or pair of jeans you viewed, I guess that is how websites directly market their consumers. Just thought I would share 🙂

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    • Hi kdubs19 thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. I’m checking out your blog right now. 🙂
      I agree with you. It’s still shopping, it can just have a few more conveniences (minus not being able to try the clothes on). I can’t shop online for clothes because nothing fits my oddly shaped proportions unless I try it on. I’m just waiting for the day someone makes everyday tailored clothes for cheap. Know any haha?
      It’s creepy seeing that isn’t it? The more marketers harness consumer behaviour online, the better they’ll be able to target the products to them that’ll suit their needs. =]


  2. This is what we have so far, but in our fast-moving, technologically obsessed world, it will be very interesting to see what digital as well as experience marketing will be like in say, 5 years! I’m actually kind of scared.

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  3. What a great post! We are relying more and more on social media to keep us connected to the world. I guess marketing has to now catch up and be aware of consumers offline lives as well. Experience marketing is definitely the next step… however sometimes I question…are we taking it too far? We are being so bombarded by social media, will there be a point where we prefer communicating through technology rather than face-to-face?

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    • Thanks for your insightful post. I’m checking out your blog right now. 🙂
      Yes, where is the line? I could see that happening – where face-to-face communication becomes less and less. Someone else’s blogs was about robots and automated processes. Although I can see so many negatives in that (job-wise), perhaps machines could take away some of the work so humans can have more face-to-face time? I have no idea, just putting a thought out there.


  4. Totally agree that our virtual worlds and offline worlds are blurring completely! I’m always so surprised with how lost/detached I feel when Im out and my phone dies or if I lose access to wifi. You are right that more organisations and especially their marketers need to make a bigger effort at approaching the online experience in a more holistic manner, especially if they want to build a loyal follower base. Great read, really enjoyed it 🙂

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    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 I feel the same way. Although if my phone is less than 20% battery I get nervous and stop using it in case I suddenly need to call someone. Then I think “now what” and realize it’s just as peaceful/interesting starring out the window on the bus.

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  5. This is such an excellent, informative post. Probably your best one yet! I love how you discussed the overlap between our real life and digital life. Also, great use of GoPro as an example of how you can blur the lines of online and offline and use this tactic for the best marketing results.


  6. Such an interesting post, I learnt so much. I agree its really hard to divide online and offline life these days. I find myself constantly online no matter what i am doing. I also feel so ‘helpless’ if i don’t have my phone on me. We are becoming so dependent. I really loved the Go- Pro example as well!

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    • Thanks! I appreciate you took some time to comment :). I’m the same with the helpless feeling. It’s like it’s a part of us now isn’t it? Good to know examples help and that you learned a lot :). I’ll check your blog soon!

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