What Can We Learn from Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowd funding website for creative projects. We can learn a lot from successful Kickstarter campaigns in our own digital marketing journey. You can imagine how difficult it is to go from $0 to $50,000 to crowd a new product or idea you may have. You can’t just set up the campaign and hope people will find it – you have to market it; show people why you’re different.


Coolest Cooler struggled big time to get funds in the beginning. People weren’t finding them or weren’t interested because they needed a more ‘authoritative’ person to tell them it was a good project.

Ryan Grepper, creator of the Coolest Cooler learned that by reaching out to niche bloggers first, he could slowly climb his way to the top. And he did! He started contacting small blogs, then branched out. For each subsequent blogger, he told them ‘we were featured on this blog’ and that kept going until one day, he got onto the Today Show and became one of the most funded Kickstarter projects!

(c) FuzDesigns

Noke is a bluetooth padlock! Weird, right? You use your smartphone to unlock the lock or to be given permission to unlock the lock. How they climbed their way to fame was by gathering a social media audience early, well before Nokes were ready to be manufactured. Why is this important? They were able to build suspense in their followers every time they shared sneak peeks and little bits of information about Noke’s features.

By the time Noke was ready to be launched, they had a line at their doorstep with money flying everywhere.They made sure they used popular hashtags already trending and asked to participate in podcasts as well as blogs. 

This next example hasn’t become a success yet but I wanted to share it because it personally touched my heart. It is called Help Put Injured Pets Back on all Fours. Click the link to watch the heart-felt video of a disabled dog and how they were able to use 3D Printing to create prosthetic legs so he could run properly again. I happened to donate but I’m not sure if it’ll reach its target. A little hint, my next blog will include my video assignment and it may have something to do with pets.

Personally, any campaign related to animal welfare will turn my head and cause me to get involved. Is this the same for you? What’s a passion of yours that a digital marketer could influence you within seconds?

There are endless examples of successful Kickstarter campaigns out there. I won’t burden you with them all.

But maybe you can help me. Which Kickstarter campaigns do you like/have heard of? Have you ever funded a crowd funding campaign? What else can we learn from these platforms?

Thanks for reading guys! 🙂


8 thoughts on “What Can We Learn from Kickstarter?

  1. What Noke did was fantastic! It created a market before the product even existed. We can all definitely learn something from their marketing strategy. Oh My God! I love the animal one! I will be donating too. I am definitely like you, anything to help animals and I am there!

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    • It’s a good idea, so that you’re always thinking of your audience as well.
      Wow! I’m glad you’re the same! 🙂 Makes me happy to know there’s more who care out there, because an amazing product will reach its budget well before the end date, but this animal campaign might not even reach its target!


  2. I’m yet to contribute to any crowd funding projects :/ It’s such a positive phenomenon though, and i’m glad it’s risen to the prominence it has. From some of the most ingenious consumer products (that Noke padlock is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen), to causes like the ‘Back on all fours” you talked about. I think it’s one of the most powerful tools social media has helped create

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    • Thanks for your comment! Sorry for the late reply, I went off camping to Confest.
      I agree, it’s such a great tool for people and businesses that are just starting out. 🙂


  3. Wow the Nokw is such a great idea and so clever marketing it before it is launched so that there are customers waiting for it. Word of mouth would really assist this sort of pre-marketing as everyone would be getting very excited. Reminds me of the TV show “thank god your here” I remember for weeks they advertised the show but no one knew what it was they simply put their name out there on a blank screen saying coming soon. Everyone was so curious to see what it was so the first night it aired it had record viewers!! I also am a sucker for animals, any sort of animal always gets my attention and I’m always the first to donate! Such a pull on my emotions!

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    • I remember that show. Now I’m going to go watch some of the old episodes. I also remember the hype they caused. I was so excited before the show started. I wonder why they stopped though.
      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it :). Once again, sorry for the slow reply, I was away camping!

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