1 Quick Tip to Create Eye-Catching Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform for sharing images and organising them into categories. It’s sort of like the those teenage Dolly posters you used to have plastered all over your room. The pictures of Jensen Ackles from Supernatural or maybe even Robert Pattinson from Twilight (please no!). Except without having the images randomly all over your room, they would be under categories of ‘hot guys’, ‘quotes’ or ‘friends’. You can do all this on Pinterest but that’s for your personal account. You do not post those images on a business Pinterest account. Don’t do it! (or else…)

Currently in Australia there aren’t too many people using Pinterest. There are only around 350,000 unique users down under. See more stats here. However if (like me) your target audience is in America, aged 35-54, then have I got a golden nugget of a social media platform for you!

What’s the Best Type of Image for Pinterest?

I’ve done the research for you from a Pinterest academy called PinfinityΒ so never fear, I know what I’m talking about this time. Don’t always listen to me.

The best type of images to use on Pinterest are long, skinny ones.Β See below.

Long skinny images

See how much the image on the right that I highlighted stands out? I won’t get into the details but if you want to know why long skinny images get the most eye balls and clicks, click here.

How to Create LONG, SKINNY Images using Picmonkey.com

Picmonkey is FREE and so easy to use for creating images for Pinterest. I highly recommend it!

I’ll show you step by step how to create an image for Pinterest using some images for Michelle Rose Fit (the business I’m a social media manager for).

1. After you click here to go to their website, click on the Collage icon at the top. See below!


2. A pop up of your documents will appear. You need to select some images to use.

2. Click the button on the left side of your screen with theΒ collage icon. And then click ‘ducks in a row’ – I chose the one with three images side by side.

ducks in row

3. Next click the rotating arrow to make the image long and skinny!


4. Click and drag the images you want to use in your picture. In my case I decided to only use 2 images so I clicked the ‘x’ button to get rid of a square.


5. Position your cursor on any edge of your image to drag and stretch the picture.


6. Click edit to add text. Note: Once you go to the edit stage, you cannot go back and change your image! So annoying, I know.


7. Click add text (wow so simple!) Then double click on the textbox that appears to type in your text. Click and highlight the text to change colour. And use the edges to drag and move the size around. If you want to move the text around, simply click off the text box then hover and click on the text to drag around.

add text

My finished product!

new years blog

Will you use Picmonkey now? What other Pinterest tips do you have? I’d like to know how to make that amazing infographic in the first image I posted. Any tips for me?

18 thoughts on “1 Quick Tip to Create Eye-Catching Pins on Pinterest

  1. Interesting post! I mainly go to Pinterest because they have tons of interesting and cool DIYs! And I loveee DIYs! When you type in search ‘DIY’, I like how they categorizes it like ‘bedroom’, ‘gifts’, ‘projects’ so much more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve never really known much about Pinterest but I hear people talking about it all the time! Your blog has given me a nice insight and I think it is definitely something which could take off more in Australia

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your comment! I never knew much about Pinterest before my client required me to use it. I can see how it works in the fitness industry (which if what she’s in)


  3. I have a Pinterest account but I use it pretty infrequently. But I can definitely see how the long skinny posts would grab my attention the most. I’ve never heard of PicMonkey so thanks for sharing that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ I definitely think fitness brands have a high rank in Pinterest and any products involving DIY or make up. What do you think?


  4. I’m not Pinterest user but sometimes I love to see pictures related to DIY.
    I notice that more apps were developed focusing in making collage, one of the popular app I know is pic collage.
    Thanks for the helpful tips and would appreciate it if you can check out my blog πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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