Facebook’s New Messenger for Business

How many times a day do you open the Facebook messenger app? Personally, probably 20-30 times. It’s so much cheaper than texting to use the internet to text people through Facebook messenger. Anyone else do this?

Messenger is now second in the ranks below Whatsapp for the most popular messenger appย as of March 2015. 600 million users use the app! I’m sure a lot of businesses would love to take advantage of that. Up until now, businesses were in the shadows with regards to this app, but now Zuckerberg is giving more freedom for business.

What will Facebook Messenger for business include?

Website to Messenger Accessibility

When a customer views your website, they can sign up to receive messenger updates from your business. They can also send you messages to form personalized connections.

Send them Business Messages Related to their Purchases


(c) Facebook

Businesses will be able to send order confirmations and map updates showing where their purchase is in the mailing process. They can also send delivery messages when orders have arrived! How useful!

Offer Support

messenger 2

(c) Facebook

I hate calling up businesses with support issues. Absolutely hate it! Also long emails can be annoying to navigate. But now businesses will be able to help customers at every step in the process. Accidentally order the wrong book from Amazon? Well they can change your order straight away if you shoot them a message!

How does this change lives forย companies? Well it gives us a lot more work to do! Support teams may have to be available 24/7 for customers, which means hiring more people. Might help in Australia to offer more jobs though ๐Ÿ˜‰

How does this help digital marketers? They can send timely offers through messenger and keep their brand top of mind.

Send Notifications

If customers have accepted a connection with your business on messenger you can send them notifications straight to their phone by sending them a chat message. They may be having a coffee with their friend, see a notification on their phone, look down and see a message from ‘ASOS’ stating that their order has arrived.

Guess what? That’s a new conversation opening for the friends at the cafe! Your brand can be brought to mind right when it’s needed – when friends are gathered and can talk about you. I think this is such a useful way to blend offline and online lives for businesses wanting to connect with customers.

How will this change digital marketers lives? Will it be useful or a waste of time and money?

Have a look at these new apps that can now connect with messenger!


27 thoughts on “Facebook’s New Messenger for Business

  1. Never knew that Messenger could be used as business tool like that I never saw it more than a tool to message friends….I think support teams through the app is an awesome idea too.


    • It’s only recent so many of these features aren’t available yet. I think you have to sign up to be part of the beginning process. I think so too, it’ll be so much faster to get a response that way! Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Wow.. I just knew that Facebook is offering their messenger service to businesses. This would be great to improve a business’ customer service and satisfaction from the one to one communication in chatting and the ease to communicate. Nice post anyways and would be great if you can comment my latest blog post as well. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Great Post! I had no idea that businesses could now use messenger as a marketing tool. I think this could be great in many ways however it could also be an annoyance. I think many people may get frustrated if they are getting personally targeted. But in the context of contact centers this idea seems fantastic. Check out my post if you can!

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    • Thanks for commenting! Businesses can’t use it yet I don’t think, I think it’ll be rolled out soon. It might not be annoying because customers can opt in or out whenever they want like an email list. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Wow thats a really interesting from a business point of view! I know a few companies who already do live chats on their website, but this is able to take advantage of the popularity of messenger and capitalise on it!

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  5. As long as it’s not used to spam consumers, like e-mails from businesses, then this could be really effective in building a good customer-brand relationship. It’s an interesting concept though, keen to see how it pans out!

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  6. I haven’t seen this feature implemented in any stores that I shop at yet, but it’s just crazy how much of a business approach Facebook has turned in to. I think it’ll be an expensive feature for companies, but well worth it. Customer service and communication is so important and if it’s as easy as through a messenger app that I already have on my phone I am all for it.

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  7. This is great!! I hate having to call up businesses and wait around, often the process is long and slightly awkward, so this new feature is definitely for me. I think it will also be an amazing way to increase brand and communication reach, it will be interesting to see how it grows from here!

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  8. I think blending online and offline worlds are important, even though the use of smartphones and social media is growing it’s good to use this to connect this to the offline world too! Great way to increase conversations about the brand and also build brand customer relationships as the brands are being more personable and relatable by using messengers such as Facebook Messenger!

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